Nuclear Arsenal Development in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran’s republic has received a perception of security threats from countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, and the United States. For this reason, western nations have seen a need to intervene in Iranians because the state supports groups of terrorists. Therefore, Iran has also had to consider reasons such as interventions by other countries, thus involving themselves in matters of their national security. Iran has seen the need to safeguard its territory against nations that seem to intrude in its region. Iran has been alert and hence, developed as well as acquired weapons in their terrain.

Furthermore, state stability has been much boosted by the availability of a nuclear arsenal. Moreover, in the Persian Gulf case, Iran has identified itself as a potential state that can acquire the Gulf. Consequently, this has been brought about by the defeat of Iraq on their trial to develop, safeguard and rule the Gulf. Further, there have been commotions in Saudi Arabia on which state will protect the Persian Gulf. Therefore, with the acquisition and development of Iran in the nuclear weapons sector, any attempt the secure the Persian Gulf would be considered to stand triumphant.

Furthermore, Iran has need to protect its national resources. In this case, the Western countries’ threats on matters about oil in Iran have raised alarms about its protection. Therefore, the requirement to safeguard their national resources against any external attacks has been motivated by Iranian security. In relation, this has led to the development of nuclear ammunition for safety purposes. Additionally, the Arab countries have had constant fights among themselves over religious activities. Therefore, as a result of continuous threats from western countries regarding their involvement, Iran has decided its acquire the western arsenal, where they view these fears could lead to war. Moreover, every country worldwide is considering its dependence on the security issues around it. Thus, Iran has also come up to acquire current weapons with the developing technology, hence being able to maintain the country’s security in good condition. Safety among the Iranian state has also been a major factor that has led to these weapons’ acquirement to safeguard its territories.

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