Election Issues in Canada

Canadian politics are diverse and varied depending on the party one chooses to examine, and people choose those which align with their political beliefs most closely. While the liberal and conservative parties can be considered the official ruling and the opposing party, there are also other candidates and their own propositions on how best to run the country. In such consideration, one can examine the individual policies that best match their own ideals of Canada. For the purposes of this work, socially liberal and economically conservative policies will be mainly examined. Socially liberal policies support the promotion, protection, and enrichment of human freedoms, as well as make people’s daily lives better. On the other hand, economically conservative policies focus on deregulating the economy and limiting government intervention in trade.

The policies of some of the major parties in 2019 will be discussed. To start off, the conservative party’s stance on childcare can be considered a favorable perspective, as it advocates for better social support payments for families, while also keeping in line with the established policies of the past. In regards to climate change, the New Democrat party seems to present the best and most reasonable perspective, focusing on combatting gas emissions by retrofitting buildings and investing in renewable energy. This means that the problem of climate change is addressed, without the need to control or regulate businesses or impose taxes. Education is another field where the New Democrat appears to be the best policy maker, as they desire to make education in universities and colleges free for everyone. This effort improves the social standing of people and increases their quality of life.

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