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To help you avoid the struggles of rewording, we’ve developed the AI Reworder.

How to use the Reworder AI:
Paste your text
Adjust the tool
Click “Reword”

Use our online tool to find synonyms for overused words and change large chunks of text, maintaining their core idea!

It requires practice to effectively paraphrase the original text while writing a research paper or essay. Improper paraphrasing may result in plagiarism, which can have severe consequences.

In this article, you will learn more about AI Reworder benefits, steps to use it, and valuable tips on avoiding plagiarism!

🪄 How to Use the Reworder AI?

If you have not used our Reworder AI before, we have a small guide for you! There are 4 steps you have to take:

  • Paste the text. Insert the text you want to paraphrase in the appropriate field of the Online AI Rewriter.
  • Choose a percentage. Specify the portion of the words you want to replace with the synonyms.
  • Press the button. Click on the “Reword” button and wait a couple of seconds!
  • Check the result. The paraphrased text will be waiting for you below!

😊 How Can You Benefit from Our Reworder AI?

Are you wondering how our paraphrasing tool stands out from the others? It has so many advantages!

📍 It keeps the main idea You don’t have to worry about the context or main ideas since the tool will keep the original text’s meaning.
📏 It’s adjustable You can choose a percentage of words that you want to rephrase.
🤹‍♂️ It provides a variety of synonyms The Rewriter AI tool has an extensive range of synonyms you can choose from.
💨 It paraphrases quickly The reworded text will be waiting for you within a second! What can be better?
🕊️ It works without fees or additional costs You do not have to spend a cent to use our online tool since it is 100% free!

📝 How to Reword an Essay to Avoid Plagiarism

If a plagiarism checker flags part of your paper as similar to someone else’s work, you may want to paraphrase that passage to avoid academic dishonesty. Below you can find some helpful advice on how to write a text with a high originality score!

Set the Source Aside

It is always a good idea to start writing after setting the source aside. Once you choose a text to paraphrase, carefully read it and write the passage’s ideas without looking at the original. Since you will not be able to rely on the source’s wording, it will be easier for you to create your own structure of sentences and phrases.

Here’s an example of what you may get if you write while looking at the original and after setting it aside.

📃 Original text Electric vehicles serve as a profound solution to environmental pollution and the exploitation of natural resources.
Bad paraphrase (the source is left in front of the eyes) The author notes that electric cars are a profound solution to environmental pollution and natural resource exploitation.
Good paraphrase (the source is set aside) The author notes that using electric cars significantly helps prevent resource depletion and environmental damage.

Condense the Source’s Language

If you are having trouble paraphrasing a source’s phrases, one helpful method is to seek ways to express the information in fewer words. Try breaking a passage down into smaller chunks. Then, determine which parts are most crucial to your argument and which you can safely leave out.

Here are some more tips on how to shorten the source’s language when paraphrasing:

  • Remove all redundant expressions and irrelevant information.
  • Eliminate any extra qualifiers (very, probably, etc.).
  • Use single words instead of phrases (e.g., “because” instead of “due to the fact that”).
  • Change negatives to affirmatives.

Here’s an example of condensing the language while paraphrasing.

📃 Original text Over the past decades, scholars have concentrated on the transformational leadership style as a successful approach to working in various organizational and economic sectors.
↪️ Reworded version Researchers consider transformational leadership to be effective in different organizational settings.

Use More Common Vocabulary

When a source uses much technical jargon, paraphrasing it might be difficult. Words limited to a specific field sometimes lack synonyms with the same level of clarity. In addition, such terms can make the text less readable for its target readers. Therefore, you can replace professionalism and jargon with simpler words that are close in meaning.

Here are a few examples of terms that can be easily replaced with a more common vocabulary.

❌ Don’t write ✅ Write
Effect modifications Make changes
Leverage Use
Involuntarily undomiciled Homeless
Incentivize Encourage, motivate

Revise the Sentence Structure

One more strategy to avoid plagiarism is to modify the syntactic structure of a passage you are paraphrasing. Here’s how you can change the sentence structure:

  • Limit the number of words in your sentence to make your writing more concise.
  • Read your writing aloud to spot too complex sentences and revise them.
  • Combine two sentences that are related to each other.

Check out an example of changing the sentence structure.

📃 Original text In general, transformational leaders are known to be charismatic individuals. A charismatic leader exudes appeal and elegance when around others, especially in leadership settings.
↪️ Reworded version Transformational leaders are charismatic people since they use charm to influence others, in particular when they fulfill their leadership roles.

🛑 Rewording an Essay: Things to Avoid

Now that you know what to do to avoid plagiarism, we suggest you learn what not to do. Check out crucial rules to follow to ensure you don’t violate academic integrity:

  • Avoid replacing or modifying only a few words in the original sentences and using them in your essay like that.
  • Refrain from patchwriting—copying phrases from one or several sources and combining them with your own words without quoting.
  • Do not forget to correctly credit the outside source from which you got your information or ideas.
  • Avoid citing the author without placing quotation marks around any terminology or phrases borrowed from them word-for-word.

❓ Reworder AI: FAQ

When restating your thesis, remember that its meaning should not be changed, but the words must. You may achieve this by reversing the order of the sentences in your argument. Besides, the clauses should be additionally paraphrased rather than merely copied and pasted.

  1. Read the paragraph carefully and out loud.
  2. Analyze the meaning of the paragraph.
  3. Underline all the keywords.
  4. Write the passage in your own words.
  5. Ensure your paraphrased paragraph doesn’t distort the original meaning.

If you need to paraphrase an essay within several seconds, you can use our Reworder AI. Our online tool will provide you with a range of synonyms. You can use them to replace some words or paraphrase large chunks of the essay quickly and effectively.

  • Avoid interrupting the main sentence with a subordinate clause.
  • Use active voice.
  • Utilize parallel constructions.
  • Avoid using nouns one after the other.
  • Select action verbs instead of forms of “be.”
  • Ensure your pronouns refer clearly to a noun.

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