Models of Democracy and Role of Public

The different models of democracy discussed in the book include participatory democracy, elitist democracy, and pluralist democracy. Participatory democracy is the model where the citizens are allowed to be active in making policy decisions. This model ensures that people are involved in passing essential regulations. In this arrangement, politicians represent the people and are tasked with implementing the policy agreements. An example of participatory democracy is local and state governments, where citizens attend town hall meetings to present their opinions regarding important matters.

Pluralist democracy is a model where organized groups compete to control and influence policy decisions. In this model, there is no single dominant group, and citizens are allowed to participate in influencing policy decisions. People who are for a pluralist democracy model note that people have the capability of selecting the causes they need to spend time on. Groups in this model have to gain the support of a politician who will help champion their interest.

An elite democracy is a model where the wealthy or well-educated people in society influence political decisions. This model was advocated for by the framers of the constitution to help protect the interest of the elite. This model considers wealthy individuals as the best-placed people to make decisions on behalf of the masses. An example is an electoral college in the United States which is heavily influenced by elite democracy. In this model, the public has a diminished role in determining the political direction of a country.

Participatory democracy is the ideal form of democracy because it allows the citizens to participate in the passage of important policies. In this model, there are options that citizens can use to have their voices heard. It is essential for the people being governed to determine what needs to be done. This ensures that citizens can also question the elected officials if they feel the decisions being made are not appropriate.

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