The Main Actor in the Lost International Order

The main actor in the lost international order is the United States, but alongside China and Russia as the opposition to international liberalism. The United States was the most powerful country, especially in the 1990s. Most countries looked up to it for political and social powers. Indeed, most countries had no other source of support but America. Military support is one aspect that built the US stronger back in the day. It gained control over various governments by placing the military in the countries. The American powers started to decline alongside international liberal powers. Moscow decided to step off the American ruling after the defeat of the Soviet Union. 9/11 also contributed to America pulling most of the military troops off many countries. Many other actions, including those of Trump aligning with the illiberal governments, contributed to America declining.

The consequent conflict between America, China, and Russia gave the US the chance to grow weak and the two countries to grow stronger. The two actors contributed to the declining global order because instead of promoting freedom which supported the system, they promoted autocrats and illiberal. China is currently offering more support in other countries than America in a year. It is overtaking the US by meeting the needs which would be met by America hence making other countries lose faith in it.

The article uses national and global systems to explain global issues. For example, the authors mention that China offered $75 billion in loans to countries like Brazil, Russia, and Venezuela, which would have been funded by America. The article explains that China is closing in by offering the help America would offer to develop countries so they would remain American followers. Such actions slowly make the US lose its power and liberal strength for the international order.

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