Ronald Reagan’s First Inaugural Address

Certainly, Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address was a very effective speech in boosting the morale of the people and in setting the stage for the country to begin a new era that would see a complete transformation in the way the government would work in sync with the people keeping in mind the ultimate goal of bringing back the USA to its old days of glory and on fast-track development in consolidating the country’s supremacy in the world.

It was very effective in building a trusting relationship with the people by way of the outline drawn in putting the entire picture in a very transparent manner before the people and by appealing genuinely to them for their support in bringing a turnaround for the country on all fronts. The speech did not contain many policy outlines except a broad framework of his bent of mind on what he intended to do in the coming months with the active support of all people.

The purpose of an inaugural address is to outline his policies before the people before starting on a mission, which in this case was his Presidency, of the commencement of his duties as President, and how he would perform his duties. It conveys that he has now taken charge as the President and that he is fully aware of and very well equipped with what he is to achieve for the betterment of his country in keeping with his promises.

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