America’s Lost Power to Keep International Order

The global issue is that America has lost the power to keep international order. The international order is controlled by all countries, but the main source of order was from the US; consequently, many signs indicate that the world is in an order crisis. One example showing a global crisis is an uncoordinated response to the ongoing global health crisis. The noble coronavirus took the world by surprise, and so the players or the responders have shown a lot of differences in response. Many countries, including the United States, have shown unpreparedness, which signifies the lack of coordination at a global level.

Another problem is the return of nationalist politics and the hardening of state borders in the United States. International systems have grown more fragile and uncooperative hence making it more difficult for the order to be maintained. Cooley and Nexon blame the loss of international order on President Donald Trump. Trump has caused jeopardy to many international unions with which the US is associated. These unions and associations gave the country the power to be the final say. Trump undermined the value of international alliances and organizations such as NATO. He also supported the resolution of the European Union, supported autocrats from presidents of Russia and North Korea, and withdrew from some international agreements.

Before Trump, America, although not so strong, still had the power to control the international order. However, by taking such drastic actions, Trump continued to push America even further from international leadership. Trump’s actions led to experts believing that the US has abandoned its commitment to promote liberalism in the international order. Scholars believe that America still has the opportunity to turn around the direction in which the country is going. Indeed, there is still a chance to regain international border control, just like after World War II and the Cold War.

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