Representative in the State Legislature

A representative in the state legislature is an individual elected by citizens through casting votes. The public believes that the leader is their servant and should work hard to improve society’s situation. Other than being a politician, a leader requires statesmanship by showing integrity and willingness to serve others. However, the policy preferences and competencies of political leaders vary, some being trustees or delegates. A representative who cates votes while considering their constituents’ desires and beliefs is known as a delegate. John Tyler, America’s tenth President, is an excellent example of a person who showed these characteristics when he presented a debate to annul salary increases for Congressmen. On the contrary, trustee politician votes according to their preferences and opinions without welcoming the public’s views.

Representatives should be delegates instead of trustees to serve the people who elected them diligently. This is because the leader can interact with citizens and identify their challenges in a particular location. Such a strategy enables the politician to weigh the seriousness of the public’s concerns and what is right and favorable to the public, even if it means losing an election or resigning. Delegates understand that the people can maintain or remove them from their position if they do contrary to what the individuals expect. Presents the issue to the House of Representatives. A delegate stands for.

To summarize the above-mentioned points, representatives in the state legislature should be delegates because citizens elect them to better society. Therefore, they should have the people’s interests at heart and ensure that they are safe and comfortable because the community trusts them. Interacting with individuals enables political leaders to know the ideas and opinions of citizens who put them in office and act accordingly.

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