Democratic and Republican Parties’ Stances on Five Issues

Role of the Government

Democrats favor the idea of strengthening the role of the federal government and expanding its control over the economy. This, subsequently, would lead to an increase in the number of federal officials, as the party proclaims.

Republicans, on the other hand, believe that the government’s intervention in the economy should be minimal. In the party’s opinion, the federal government should only monitor compliance with basic laws and protect people from encroachments on their lives, health, and property.

Weapons and Military Force Exploitation

In general, Democrats are more reluctant to use military force against other countries and advocate slow increases in military budgets. More recently, they have been pushing for gun control legislation based on increased gunfire accidents and irresponsibility by civilian gun owners.

Republicans mostly favor a rapid increase in the military budget and strongly oppose other countries such as Iran. They are responsible for the second amendment – The Right to Bear Arms – and support concealed weapons carrying in public.

Immigration Issue

Democrats believe that the more immigrants, the better; they see in the flow of immigrants many possibilities for the strengthening of the country.
Republicans, however, believe that unskilled immigrants are a burden to the country. They are not against immigration, but only under very strict regulations.

Social Life

Democrats are closer to social paternalism: they believe that the state should actively take care of citizens and correct the negative side effects of the capitalist system. For example, they vote for more open access to education and health care, as well as for environmental protection. According to their platform, “Democratic party is the party of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.”

Republican Party supporters have a tough stance on abortion, contraceptives, LGBT rights, and other aspects listed above, believing that their legalization destroys the social structure of society.

Taxation System

Democrats favor higher taxes for high-income workers and higher minimum wages. The party votes for an increase in free medical care and social needs budgets, as well as for the introduction of a luxury tax for rich people.

When it comes to taxes, Republicans seem to prefer an equally based taxation system for everyone, rich or poor, with the market in control of the minimum wage. The party votes for increased taxation and public debt.

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