The Effect of Nuclear Weapons on International Politics Change

The revolution of nuclear weapons has played a significant role in the insurgency of military affairs and has helped different states maintain stability. First, nuclear weapons have had greater strategic than operation implications. In this case, a high level of interdependence has developed among countries that possess these nuclear weapons. Furthermore, nuclear ammunition is responsible for the long peace of the cold war among federations. In recent times, there have not been any major power wars against each other as every state feels comfortable with its military government. Second, as a result of the world war that took the lives of many people, a stable political order was created because nuclear weapons left no room for doubt about their effects.

Thus, there is a reduction in any temptation to use nuclear weapons for any state gain, hence maintaining political stability across the globe. In addition, enhancing security among political nations has been another potential benefit accrued by nuclear weapons. As such, with various security challenges, especially terrorism, nuclear firearms have become irrelevant. In this case, countries that have opted for their own nuclear capabilities do have major strategic rationales. Thus, they still seek to soften their dependence on nuclear deterrence, and as a result, there is eased tension with their neighbors and hence strengthening ties with friendly political states.

Moreover, it is arguable that addressing the challenges brought by nuclear weapons has contributed to political stability in the sense that a degree of caution has been injected into states. Therefore, with an understanding in mind that if these nuclear weapons fall into the hands of terrorists, it becomes more dangerous and threatening. Countries have seen the need to maintain political stability to avoid any consequences of nuclear weapons sinking into extremists’ hands. Recently, there have been no nuclear weapons used in anger. As a result, relations among the leading nuclear states have been stable while the nonproliferation regime has arguably been successful. Therefore, with the invention of nuclear weapons, ease of defense has been established. Political order has been highly maintained as different countries try to avoid any weapons of vast destruction. Consequently, peace and stability have been the critical factor conveyed by nuclear weapons.

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