Twitter: The Most Creative Development in Business History

As the number of Internet users increases, social media platforms become extremely popular sources for communication and business development. In spite of the fact that Twitter is not as popular as other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, it is still widely used by numerous people across the globe. As one of the most creative developments in history, this platform has had a considerable impact on leadership, communication, and business outcome. In fact, since technological advancement, innovations have been playing an essential role in different areas of life.

Therefore, practices that enhance innovation have vast popularity under the circumstances when the world is affected by digitalization. Usually, these practices are based on the idea of emphasizing transformational leadership, encouraging risk-taking, and using loose-tight leadership. As a result, the use of innovative technologies will bring a variety of positive consequences to the professional development of individuals.

In the context of Twitter, it is beneficial for engaging with industry influencers, sharing third-party content, and reaching a highly-oriented audience. Hence, users of this website have the opportunity to build a strong emotional connection with others with the purpose of achieving appropriate business outcomes. In case the person shares useful information and maintains communication with other Twitter users, the level of his leadership skills will increase as well. Subsequently, the ability to gain the attention of the public and use it for business development is the main goal of global leaders.

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