Corporate Culture and Leadership Style for Effective Work

The workplace environment is crucial for every employee; building the right corporate culture enhances work efficiency and strengthens team cohesion. A company’s corporate culture consists of everything from the way staff communicate and act, from the company’s values to the atmosphere in the workplace and the personal communications of employees. In my workplace, the type of corporate culture that applies is the clan culture, also called family culture.

This is based on solidarity among all the employees and treating each other as a part of the family. Employees work in teams, each headed by a leader who is ready to help in any way he or she can. The advantage of a clan corporate culture is that the employees feel important in their workplace. Regarding the leadership style, the company uses a participative approach. The essence of this style is that every team member is directly involved in making decisions. In this way, team members feel involved and motivated to contribute. This leadership style boosts employee motivation, encourages employee creativity, and helps build a strong team.

In order to get the highest performance out of employees, supervisors use effective motivational techniques. The most compelling motivation is the one that makes the employee feel important and needed. In our company, the management style, and corporate culture make every employee feel indispensable. This is achieved by ensuring that all employees are equally involved in the decision-making process and that everyone’s opinion is always considered. In addition, management’s reactions (positive or negative) to all requests, needs, and problems of their employees are immediate. In this way, subordinates feel valued: the supervisor cares about their achievements or failures. These motivation methods increase effectiveness by providing the employee with an understanding and supportive environment that respects his or her opinions.

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