Employment Relationship: Why Is It Significant?

Policies play a significant role in the development of a competent and functional organizational culture. In this case, the guidelines in an employee handbook stipulate the ideal approach to employees’ interaction with the clients, employer, and the attainment of business objectives. Different companies utilize different policies to regulate the welfare of their employees.

The four central policies that profoundly feature the employee handbook’s paramount efficiency include technology use, harassment, fraternization policies, and leave. These components play a critical role in promoting employees’ well-being. The interplay between human resource policies and management initiatives contributes to an organization’s competence due to employees’ performance.

Human resource management engulfs the establishment of policies that govern the different approaches that employees should be handled in an organization. It is a platform whose clarity and effective implementation determine its competitive advantage and sustainable organizational culture. It significantly contributes to the performance of employees in attaining the company’s goals and objectives.

According to Armstrong, there are different functions of human resource management that affect an organization’s employees. These responsibilities include performance management, planning, recruitment, selection, human resource development, compensation and benefits, employment, labor laws, and regulations. In this case, it is essential to establish an organizational culture geared toward workers’ development to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

The different policies significantly contribute to the employees’ relations within an organization. In a company with 15-25 employees, the four policies intensify the welfare and the empowerment effect on optimal performance.

In essence, the policies form a framework and structure for the operationalization and performance evaluation among the workers. On the one hand, proper human resource management boosts the asset value of an organization due to the interplay between product diversification and customer service experience. On the other hand, the additional policies ensure the profound monitoring and evaluation of the employees’ welfare and engagement in the organization.

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