Ring Doorbell 3 Plus’: Marketing Environment

A marketing environment includes external (that cannot be controlled by a company), and internal (funds, employees, materials, markets, devices that perform work) factors. Understanding the marketing environment of a company or product aids in developing future strategies for retail. I speak about the internal marketing environment for ‘Ring Doorbell 3 Plus’, which comprises teamwork and collaboration opportunities for the employees, which is why they are more likely to perform better than their counterparts (Video Doorbell 3 Plus).

The company works with Neighborhood Watch and independent charities with a noble mission of creating a safe atmosphere in the neighborhoods. However, the materials and overall quality of the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus are worse than in some of their competitors being Arlo Video Doorbell or the Nest Hello.

Nevertheless, the company supplies cheap Chinese parts to construct their products, which can also be reviewed as a drawback to the marketing environment. Moreover, the scandalous event of 2019, when the company was exposed for its partnership with the police departments, provoked the mass exposure of the clients’ personal information. Although the company’s security measures were improved, the event left a strain on the company’s reputation, worsening the marketing environment significantly.

If to speak about the external factors, the worldwide pandemic had brought inflation and economic crisis, which had influenced the customer’s ability to pay. Moreover, because people are spending more time at home, their need for security measures is vastly decreased. Because of the pandemic, the crime rates had decreased, although people’s need for money had increased. These external factors had also worsened the situation for the product and the company respectively.

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