Mingle Company’s Key Success Factors in the Future

Product and Project Levels

Mingle seasoning is focused on healthier alternatives to existing seasonings with nasty ingredients. Their main priority is to provide a high-quality product that does not contain unpleasant components but at the same time stays cool and fancy for consumers. This company’s objective leads to the production of unique and superior products beating their competitors in the seasoning market. Mingle creates valuable quality differentiated from other similar products by referring to sustainable production and eco-friendly products.

The company is directed towards further development through the new product launching that outlies their led vision and clear understanding of the desired product. This approach will help to control development processes and criteria, such as cost and idea definition. As a result, a well-outlined plan of action and strategic goals of NPD may result in emerging success factors related to a proper product launch plan, including marketing campaigns, customer behavior analysis, and competitive advantage in the market. In addition, the company’s readiness and direction towards the goal may become a valuable motivation for faster development.

Program Level

Program level success factors are primarily based on the company’s performance, including its internal and external characteristics, which may predict its success in the new product launching. According to Awwad and Akroushn, the current financial and marketing performance and capabilities improvement of the company are the main criteria to evaluate the quantity and quality of the future outcome. On the one hand, a company’s profitability, sales, market growth, economies of scale, etc., are considered from the qualitative side of the measurement. On the other hand, customers’ loyalty and satisfaction, the company’s culture, strategic goals, R&D, and ability to reflect on changes in the market are fundamental qualitative factors that identify success at the program level. Due to the actual small size of Mingle company, their current resources, especially financial ones, are limited and should be used effectively in the product development process.

For better organizational performance, it is essential to outline the company’s competitive advantages and identify suitable design criteria to develop a competitive high-qualified product that will create significant emotional value for customers. Mingle’s company culture is directed towards sustainability and green products, which provides a strong first-mover advantage in the seasoning market. Zhang and Song state that first-mover advantage and new product development are significant to sustainable development, whether it is a big established company or a small business. Therefore, Mingle succeeds in economic viability, social responsibility, and eco-friendly business development, resulting in increased customers’ attention to their products and high public approvement of the brand.

Green products’ image of Mingle creates a strong emotional reaction from customers and increases attention to their differentiated quality and appearance. NPD for seasoning or a new type of product should be based on this crucial feature, highlighting its positive effect in terms of customers’ health and beneficial consumption. The company may use sustainability as a fundamental basis for new product launching. Besides, the design identification of Jordyn Evans, who wanted to provide attractive and exciting goods in combination with the green ingredients feature, is an excellent positive description for further NPD.

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