How Diamond Developers Develop Their Sustainability

Diamond Developers should utilize the current framework to ensure sustainability efficiency. It is suggested that Diamond Developers collaborate with LEED in the Middle East to tailor the LEED framework to the region’s needs. It is a well-established framework and commonly used rating scheme that can foster global and regional resilience. However, the scheme does not place a premium on long-term efficiency or environmental impact. It also does not monitor the long-term viability of results.

Create a new framework for assessing sustainability efficiency to accomplish actual environmental results. The scheme will prioritize energy conservation, water recycling, and waste management. Unlike other methods, which did not apply to some countries, the rating system would fit various areas, climatic conditions, and locations worldwide. Communities may vary, necessitating the establishment of separate objectives and expectations for each.

The most viable approach is to develop a new sustainability measurement framework that focuses on long-term environmental protection. The concept is in line with the Diamond developer’s target of sustainable development and future economic growth. The developers should begin by gaining a better understanding of innovation and what it entails for them. As previously mentioned, the organization strives to save resources, manage waste, and recycle water.

The strategy has the potential benefit of incorporating LEEDS members in the Middle East to direct the community development and create a sustainability indicator that would link the two systems. One of the risks that the developers faced was high cost and adaptability concerns. The expenses would be huge, and the income obtained would be insignificant. Another issue was that it was challenging to engage the group because it was a novel concept that had never been implemented before.

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