Tasks Suppliers Should Perform and Ask for a Proposal

The supplier that the company’s administration will choose for the provision of office cleaning service is expected to perform several essential tasks. First of all, the supplier should be responsible for maintaining high hygiene standards in the office. More precisely, this includes wet cleaning of the space before the start and at the end of the working day and general cleaning once a month. The cleaning company should also take out the trash at the end of every working day because this task is also closely related to maintaining good hygiene.

Secondly, the supplier should perform disinfection of premises with specialized solutions at least three times a day. This implies that the cleaners should wipe door handles, handrails, and surfaces of tables and chairs for customers with a disinfectant. The company understands that this task is not traditional for cleaning companies. Nonetheless, the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has already considerably changed the well-established rules and keeps on altering reality.

Finally, the outside contractor is responsible for supplying bathrooms with towels, toilet paper, soap, sanitizers, and garbage bags. Currently, the company faces a situation when the managerial personnel responsible for the supplies fails to monitor the previously described staff’s stock. Therefore, the administration decided to transfer this responsibility to the supplier of the cleaning service. We believe that the described allocation of responsibilities will help to avoid confusion and duplication of the tasks.

Based on the previously described tasks for the outside contractors, the following criteria of tasks` completion could be distinguished. If there is no dust on the top of armoires, window sills, windows are clean, there is no lack of supplies in bathrooms, surfaces are sanitized regularly, and trash is carried out once a day, then the supplier completes the assigned tasks satisfactorily.

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