Leadership & Management Development: Evaluation Methods

There are many methods ensuring the success of leadership and management programs, three of which can be considered the most significant. The first one is stakeholder mapping, which means that the company should outline the individuals who can contribute to the development and delivery of training. Such an approach is crucial because the responsible bodies should assign tasks to various departments, including the L&D and human resources ones. This way, organizations can ensure that the programs are developed using multifaceted perspectives and that all significant factors are considered.

The second method of ensuring success is the use of contributions from key stakeholders. Companies should utilize the approaches suggested by related departments, including the L&D function, as well as the evidence from other organizations. This method is vital because it ensures that development programs are designed in accordance with various professional perspectives. For instance, the L&D function may contribute to the effectiveness of programs by analyzing the needs of the firm, while the evidence from other organizations may help the company avoid possible mistakes.

Finally, it is vital for firms to communicate the achievement of success indicators to both stakeholders and participants. This way, the firm can address the benefits of the training, suggest a possible improvement, and analyze the approaches that can be used in the future due to their effectiveness. Moreover, stakeholders can utilize the results of the program to develop training materials and work on the specific aspects of training that can ensure the best results.

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