Meg Whitman’s Transaction Leadership

A transactional leader is one who aims at guiding and motivating followers through the process of clarifying roles and the requirements of their tasks. In other words, transactional leadership is “rational, based on principles of exchange and expectation: you do this for me, and in turn, if satisfied, I will do this for you.”

The leadership style demonstrated by Meg Whitman has transactional leadership characteristics. Whitman stresses on the employees to dwell into planning and statistical backing for any recommendation that they have to make. The comments from a few managers show that she is excellent as long as they are excellent i.e. they have the number son their fingertips to satisfy her wants. Further Whitman shows the employees the mission of the company. A transactional leader sets goals for the employees and expects them to follow them. This is reflected in Whitman’s leadership. This was demonstrated in the statement made by Whitman in the case study:

“I think at all good companies, employees are excited by the mission of the company…We look for people who are energized by the mission of the company.”

Thus, the mission of the company becomes the goal of the company which is set by Whitman. This she demonstrates when she asks the new head of strategy to absorb the environment of the company for the first three months and not work. This is to ensure that the mission for the company is set in the new executive. These are the transactional character in Whitman’s leadership style.

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