Empowering Human Resources in the Merger

Human resource management planning is a procedure that categorizes existing and future human resources need for an institution to attain its goals. Human resource planning is a link between the general strategic plan of an organization and the human resource personnel.

Human resource planning is vital to any organization in various different aspects. The core objective is staffing organizations with competent people for every specific job. This entails appropriate planning to establish staffing level requirements, predicting organization turnover, and creating job descriptions and requirements for employment. The vetting processes, as well as advertising new jobs, should be done through the creation of applications, structuring of interviews and skills, and knowledge required for a job.

Consequently, human resource departments are responsible for guiding and training employees. A Well-trained workforce enhances effectiveness in the operations of an organization. Repeatedly, human resource personnel faces several challenges such as the location and period of a training process. By planning, such challenges are catered for and conflicts reduced.

Human resource departments are required to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations hence hiring, firing, and transfers are not done in discriminatory ways. In essence, human resource departments are supposed to handle appropriate administrative actions such as employees’ compensation and reward plans. With an appropriate plan, the responsible departments are informed and the budget required for compensating claims is structured as expected.

Moreover, the use of computers in planning has enabled managers to simulate several future scenarios enabling proper strategizing. By analyzing data available in the database, a manager can gain insight into an individual’s performance. Such information is useful when evaluating an organization’s labor turnover.

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