Human Resource Planning and Growth of a Company

The success and productivity of the company are closely connected with staff efficiency. Various factors such as motivation, socialization, mental and physical health, the safety of the employees can influence the quality of the products and viability of the company in the market. That is why it is essential to develop comfortable conditions for people at the workplace. There is a particular field of knowledge and practices which are called “human resource planning”. It includes theoretical knowledge and its practical application of managing the people’s work, ensuring the company’s efficient growth.

The first step in leading the successful policy of human resource planning is to provide organizational socialization for the employees. Bratton and Gold believe that organizational socialization ensures the efficiency of the company’s success. The process aims to help employees overcome difficulties at the first steps at work and figure out whether they fit for a particular job or need to consider something else. Organizational socialization also implies that newcomers need to get accustomed to the working process, the company’s values, and be a part of the company’s society. The critical point here is that employees need to gain moral satisfaction, organizational commitment. Thus, the comfortable moral condition will contribute to the productive work of the employees and, as a result, increase the company’s performance.

Many scientists held experiments of applying human resource planning in practice. Aino collected the results of these experiments and provided the theoretical explanation in the article. The results showed that the successful innovative policy of the company depends on the knowledge capital of the employees. The author also stated that applying human resource practices had a positive impact on the company’s total efficiency. Integrating these practices will also increase the level of innovational rate of the employees and, as a result, will help the company strengthen its positions. Thus, company growth and diversification is particularly impossible without exercising human resource practices.

Human resource planning is an integral part of the company’s economic strength because the practical performance results from the workers’ functionality. To help employees increase their working performance, companies need to control their emotional, social, and surrounding mental conditions. The workers’ support should start from the first day they are employed and usually have to be oriented on the organizational socialization of the workers.

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