Marketing Strategies to Generate Brand Loyalty

It is challenging to overestimate the role of loyal customers. The Pareto Principle states that 80% of organization revenue comes from 20% of customers. Individuals tend to leave brands for many reasons, including boredom, increased prices, the emergence of new alternatives, and others. That is why it is reasonable to apply appropriate marketing strategies to attract loyal customers and stimulate the purchase of plant-based meals.
Learning theory can help create two effective marketing strategies to cope with the task. Iconic rote learning implies that repeated advertising messages stimulate customers’ purchasing activity.

That is why it is necessary to ensure that consumers have continuous access to advertisements. In this case, a suitable strategy is to create a customer base and send regular notifications and messages to individuals. However, Forbes Agency Council admits that it is of significance to personalize advertisements and avoid spamming. It denotes that purchase rates can be higher if customers receive timely messages regarding the plant-based meals that are available in supermarkets and health-food stores that are close to customers.

Simultaneously, vicarious learning implies that customers observe others’ behavior and adjust their own accordingly. It allows for supposing that consumers tend to be more loyal if they see that others prefer a brand. Thus, a practical marketing strategy is to partner with “non-competitors that share the same customers.” Regarding the new vegetarian product line, the market segmentation information reveals that it can be beneficial to share customers with fitness centers. It refers to the fact that these organizations unite individuals who follow healthy lifestyles. Consequently, vicarious learning denotes that consumers of the plant-based product line will motivate others to purchase these products, which will result in brand loyalty.

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