Crisis Management: Reopening Restaurant After COVID-19

To restore a restaurant after a coronavirus pandemic, a few sequential steps must be followed. First, it is essential to remember that the goal of business recovery is not to return the restaurant to the state it was in before the pandemic. The plan’s goal is to re-establish the very process of functioning of the restaurant and create a foundation on which to build further work. To do this, we need to build a strong team, conduct an advertising campaign and reform the functioning of the restaurant, adjusting to the realities of the pandemic. This goal can be achieved within three months, and since the plan is to go into effect from June 1st, 2021, the result is expected by September 1st, 2021.

Due to the massive layoffs during the pandemic, many workers have entered the labor market. This is an opportunity to recruit a good team that will work effectively for the restaurant’s bottom line. For all the staff to put in the effort for the overall result, the proper working atmosphere must be created, where everyone feels important. This can be done by holding various team-building sessions outside working hours and introducing various incentives and bonuses. In this way, the team will work efficiently, which is necessary for business recovery. Another critical factor is to ensure the safety of the guests while visiting the restaurant. In order to do this, the following steps should be taken. Firstly, all guests and staff must undergo a temperature check before entering the restaurant, and visiting groups are limited to four people or fewer. Tables should be spaced 1.5 meters or more apart, and hand sanitizer should be available for guests and staff.

In order to implement these steps effectively, the responsibilities of the staff must be divided. The waiters will consist of 10 people, two of whom will carry out temperature checks on the guests. In addition, the establishment will have a receptionist whose duties will include explaining the new rules of the restaurant to customers. As the plan is being introduced on June 1st, 2021, the restaurant is expected to undergo an internal rearrangement by June 10th to comply with the anti-pandemic guidelines. The restaurant is scheduled to open on June 20th, and an advertising campaign focusing on visiting safety is scheduled to be launched on June 25th. This will give employees time to adjust to the influx of customers and get up to speed. About $30,000 will be needed to implement the plan in the first month, considering the budget for advertising, hiring employees, rearranging the restaurant, and $40,000 each subsequent month. The final result is expected in early September 2021 and will involve updating the restaurant’s operations, attracting regular customers, and establishing a reputation as a safe place to visit.

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