Chief Operation Officer Influencing Minimum Wage Earners

In this case, it would be essential to take into consideration a path-goal theory that is based on the idea of selecting a leadership style that corresponds to the specific demands of the situation. At the same time, considering that all leadership situations are classified as high, moderate, or low control, the selected style can be either directive, supportive, participative, or achievement-oriented. Therefore, if I were recruited as Chief Operation Officer in a certain organization, I would pay attention to the professional performance of minimum wage earners. In order to motivate them to boost their productivity, I would use a combination of several techniques. Firstly, it is crucial to allow employees to participate in decision-making and motivate them with positive reinforcement. In other words, the Chief Operation Officer should demonstrate to minimum wage earners that they are valued as integral parts of the whole team.

Secondly, to ensure the effectiveness of minimum wage earners, it would be crucial to guide workers toward a career and reward them when they serve their functions in an appropriate manner. Usually, individuals earning minimum wage do not have a proper understanding of how their careers can be advanced in the future. Accordingly, if the officer provides information regarding important skills, knowledge, and attitude to build a successful career, the employee is expected to work harder. Furthermore, minimum wage earners can be motivated with the help of monetary rewards, as well as time off or small gifts, such as free access to a gym.

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