Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Causes and Treatment

The main cause of PTSD is exposure to traumatic or stressful events. It is difficult to pinpoint what kind of an exact even will result in a person developing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, as each individual has theirown specific ways of processing trauma. Such events as accidents, physical or sexual assault, loss of a loved one or a general exposure to a lot of stress can all manifest in cases of PTSD. The severity of the event needed to trigger PTSD can also vary, which does not invalidate or discredit the legitimacy of the condition.

There are a number of possible ways to approach treatment for PTSD, focusing on both alleviating the severity of its symptoms and decreasing the likelihood of adverse reactions occurring. Therapy can be done in a variety of settings, including individual séances, group therapy and family therapy. The type of treatment one receives primarily depends on what they are personally comfortable with, and what is shown to be effective in their particular case.

Cognitive processing is one prime example of engaging with PTSD. This approach focuses on giving patient agency and the power to change their understanding of their own condition. By conducting a thorough examination of one’s life circumstances and traumas, they can come to finding acceptance and self-love. Other approaches can include such tactics as a Prolonged Exposure Therapy, which seeks to help individuals confront the issues that they have avoided in the past. Confrontation with the source of anxiety can help a person significantly reduce the severity of their symptoms, as well as find the proper methods for controlling their response.

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