A Self-Development Diary: What Is It?

A self-development diary is a regular reflection on current and past events, including thoughts and questions on specific issues arising while assessing the situation. Such a diary is a tool for improving, tracking progress, and finding obstacles. A leader needs reflection; analyzing motives, a person rethinks his/her experience and sees new ways to solve existing problems. Keeping a diary helps the manager look at the environment from different angles, reevaluate events and find new solutions before competitors.

It also allows students to find and develop self-understanding and authenticity as leaders. However, the business environment demands immediate measures, which could affect the thinking process of the leader. Therefore, a self–development diary can become a perfect habit to deliberately choose the most advantageous option in the company’s management processes.

Effective leaders take the time to analyze their actions. According to Xu, reflecting enables people to evaluate their experience and relate it to potential steps that will bring the most benefit. The decision-making process will significantly improve due to the self–development diary as it stimulates inner discussion on particular issues or the areas supposed not to bring problems. A leader’s success depends on the ability to appeal to a unique perspective of the situation and apply it to action. They need to be able to determine questions before others see them, understand before everyone else understands, and take action before others do. A unique vision of the situation is an essential criterion for creativity and competitive advantage.

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