Why Psychologists Used Animals in Their Experiments

Psychologists apply the studies from animals to solve specific problems. For example, psychologists can study dogs to determine the best methods for training watchdogs or chickens to find out the best methods of preventing them from fighting. However, psychologists also use the study of animals to predict human behavior. In this regard, psychologists study animals for application purposes. For instance, researchers can use animals in a study applying to humans when they want the study to take a shorter period. In some cases, studies may require strict controls that are difficult to implement in humans. A study of genetics involves manipulating animal offspring through interbreeding which may not work for humans for experimental purposes. Researchers prefer animals to humans because of the few ethical regulations that have to be followed in the case of animals.

Some procedures like brain surgery and hormone manipulation are unethical when done on humans. Such studies would be costly for human victims and could only apply in cases of individuals with terminal diseases. The last reason for using animals in studying human psychology is the similarities in physiology due to sharing genetic combinations. For instance, when studying human behavior, monkeys and chimpanzees have been reserved for cases where no other animals would be suitable. This implies the ethical considerations that make the use of animals more appropriate.

Some of the liabilities involved in these studies involve strict regulations from governments to control animals’ use in the processes. Another limitation of the study is that it harms animals, and researchers incur the cost of ensuring animal wellbeing is optimized. Raring some animals like monkeys has become expensive over time because of their continued use in such processes. However, the drawbacks must be weighed against the benefits the studies have brought to human progress.

Besides, the use of animals has been limited to cases where no other methods apply. Animal research is the reason for success in getting treatments for some conditions and diseases. The use of animals helps shorten some research processes hence solving social problems within a shorter period. The benefits highlight why it is essential to care for the animals even as they help in the research process.

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