Adaptable Ability to Perceive the World

Human’s ability to perceive the world around them is evident through the perceptual adaptation process, which involves constant stimuli. The perceptual consistency process involves the adaptability of the brain and vision in controlling body movements. It comprises four steps, namely, selecting, organizing, interpreting, and negotiating. When a message is sent to the brain, it undergoes the perception process to make it meaningful to the immediate environment. The vision system can provide instant and constant perceptive messages of the surrounding environment, thus pushing the body to the adaptation to the new perception. Further, constant eye movements help the body to adapt to the immediate environment.

A good example is the application of lenses to a person with eye problems to enhance sight. When introduced to lenses for the first time, they experience vision system inability and fail to adapt to the new visual perception type. After a certain period, the eyes get accustomed to the new perceptive images as controlled by the lenses, and the individual begins to normalize movements of the environment. In various circumstances, the ability of the eye to see debilitates the occurrence of the same problem. In rectifying this problem and providing a normal visual perception, there requires a need to assist the individual with new glasses.

In this case, the whole adaptation process begins again as the vision system of perceiving the environment had been altered. As such, sensory adaptation may take some time for it to re-acquire and correct movements. Alcohol can interrupt the body’s perceptive process, where the senses try to accommodate and adapt to the different changes as a result of the substance. Many parts of the body fail to function properly due to the presence of foreign chemicals that hinder body coordination.

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