Gestalt Psychologists on Sensations and Perceptions

Gestalt psychologists explained the organization of brain sensation and considered the perceived motion experienced in rapid flickering images. Their argument suggested that pattern formation from the brain facilitates the perception process revealing that the brain usually categorizes the environment based on figures and ground. This implies that the figure is found and concentrated in an object where a given organism is attempting to focus. It was also made clear that the ground refers to the environment which is not within the focus.

The argument presents a principle that establishes a systematic organization order where the brain interprets to support the realization of a better understanding of the surrounding environment. Moreover, these psychologies present the principle of good closure and continuation. The closure principle is concerned with the organization of objects considered unique and complete instead of parts. The continuity principle is concerned with the movement perception of objects that are considered straight in nature and their relationship with broken objects.

One example of the principle is the ability to drive where all senses are involved and concentrated in visual sensitivity. Immediate perception is important to achieve the complex cognitive process. This presents the Gestalt concept since the involved person is expected to pay close attention to the surroundings to realize success. The background is considered the secondary object to the driver, and attentiveness to other items that can present a hazard is important. The driver usually observes different objects and develops a series of reactions based on experience and known concepts. Moreover, the sense of the primary concept depends on the visualization of the instruments present inside the vehicle. The driver is cautious of objects on the road and strives to maintain established speeds in every subject.

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