Figure-Ground, Apparent Movement and Perception of Form

The principles of figure-ground facilitate the formation of a pattern that influences our perception and explains that the environment has two varying concepts. The figure concept usually considers the focus of objects present in the environment. These are the objects that organisms consider important and require certain types of response. The ground concept is usually available in the environment background, and it is positioned as a secondary part of the perception process. However, it offers a certain form of alertness, and the combination of the two concepts results in the formation of the required pattern of perception.

The proximity principle argues that objects that are close together tend to appear like they are more related than those placed apart. This shows that proximity can sometimes override the similarity of many factors such as shape and color because it is powerful. The role of proximity focuses on the organization of stimuli to present an understandable perception to the organism. This helps generate familiarization between concepts that have similar and dissimilar principles to ensure that they are placed in varying representations. This implies that the concept of similarities tends to focus on the identification of objects considered similar or resembling each other to place them in the same group.

According to the law of good continuation, object and image identification is usually preferred in the presence of smooth lines than when broken limes are available. The closure principle is involved in the perception process where the execution of the stimuli organization takes place as a whole object rather than parts. This process influences the form and order of the stimuli organization to establish the discrimination point between varying objects in the environment where they are grouped based on their colors, lines, and shapes. This happens to establish a better and real perception of the environment to enhance the understanding of the reality concept.

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