Emotional Development: When Are You Really an Adult

Emotional and social development is closely interconnected due to the very essence of the two processes. Although a person can show emotions alone, it is in society that they are revealed most fully. From my perspective, emotional and social maturation poses an essential question: when exactly are they considered an adult. Experience has shown that most people entering early adulthood do not see themselves as adults. This stage in society is perceived as something extremely serious, with a vast number of responsibilities. Although growing up people perform all the duties inherent in “adults,” they do not feel that way, still experiencing pleasure from more “childish,” according to stereotypes, activities. Many are also more open about their emotions, which is also not so strongly associated with adulthood.

As polls show, for many, the final stage of growing up is the birth of a child. It is caring for a child and parenting that many consider the clearest sign of becoming an adult. This statement has a logical justification since it is with the birth of a child that a person’s sense of responsibility is significantly enhanced. Now they need to take care not only of themselves or their partner but also of their child. In addition, it is somewhat difficult to continue to deny your adult status when you are holding a child whose age cannot be denied.

However, at the same time, many women refuse to have a child, disobeying established roles and finding their happiness in something else. Moreover, many of them are accomplished personalities who cannot be called non-adults. Thus, the issue of the psychological self-identity of a person as an adult is complicated from an emotional and social point of view, but at the same time, it is interesting for analysis and discussion.

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