“How Determination Saved Me” Video by Coleman-Williams

There are challenges highlighted by Roquita Coleman-Williams within the video, with the major and common one being not sure about where you belong. It causes the feeling that everyone around has prestige and executive presence while you don’t and makes people feel uncomfortable and terrified. Not feeling as smart as people think you are is another issue causing wrong perceptions of what could be done to change the situation. As a result, no matter what you reach, you still don’t feel like you belong, according to Coleman-Williams.

The ways to overcome the situation include coaching sessions from the management and going beyond tolerance to empathy for others. In addition, suggested interventions include explaining that diversity means being invited to join while inclusion is the direct involvement. Creating sustainable shifts in organizational culture with the alignment of unique skills and core values of human resources with strategic business objectives is required. Moreover, understanding that inclusion is the HR responsibility and the leaders who build relationships is important. Leaders are supposed to be involved and give purpose, a sense of belonging, and career development. Civic leadership is suggested for building trust, connection, and personal power. As per Coleman-Williams, great leadership should not be an exception but a rule.

Mentioned outcomes of the interventions include turning negative expectations into a commitment to inclusion and civic leadership that could become a profound path to purpose. In addition, it will bring the understanding that you don’t need a title to lead and activate values for the greater good. According to Roquita Coleman-Williams, feeling that a person can do something they have never done before and personal determination can bring value to the life of those who don’t feel as if they belong.

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