Parent-Child Attachment and Family System

Culture and distinctive family conformations play a vital part in neglect, such as parentification, thus mistreatment happens in the family setting. For instance, some family systems may engender an appropriate overlap in subsystems, with members participating in duties that are traditionally reserved for other members. Such actions usually result in parentification. Therefore, in such family settings, one member becomes excessively convoluted with or even exploitative of other family members at various levels of growth. The individual is usually attached to one family member while neglecting the others, thus creating a division between them. Since the family structure is gradually transforming, the particular surrounding where abandonment is obvious needs to be contextualized to be effectively examined.

The parental relationship can influence parent-child attachment throughout childhood and adolescence since the family is responsible for shaping a child and their values, skills, security, development phases, and socialization. During the adolescence period, parents and children have to create new, more equal, and friendly relationships with divided rights and responsibilities. In this phase, parent-child connections are perceived as more interdependent, reciprocal, and equal, shifts that co-happen with a temporary decrease in the quality of the relationship and an increase in disagreements. This leads to minors reporting their relationships with parents as less supportive and friendly.

However, the short-term dyadic procedures that happen during disagreements and interactions are essential in developing adolescent relations. Parent-child dyads who could communicate through different conflict situations proved to adapt more efficiently and adjust their relationship based on the needs of the children. Therefore, it is necessary to successfully pass this stage of parent-child disagreements for both parents and children to learn to comprehend a range of different emotions.

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