Personal Inventory Assessments: Advantages and Disadvantages

Individual PIAs like emotional intelligence play an important role in perceiving and understanding personal factors in the workplace. This PIA aims to build strong professional relationships, succeed at work, and achieve goals. Among its advantages, Robbins et al. admit teamwork effectiveness and attitudes expression without violating norms. Personally, I admire the assessment of emotional intelligence because it is accessible to anyone and may reduce destructive behaviors and unfair treatments. On the contrary, emotional intelligence can be poorly used to maximize personal gain and manipulate people. The chosen PIA meets its purposes by revealing my emotions and giving recommendations on how to deal with feelings at work.

Group PIAs (gaining power and influence) determine personal performance, assessment, team-building, and leadership. Power is the group’s capacity to control people and everything around them. Power purposes depend on the type: coercive (threat to achieving results), reward (financial and non-financial encouragement to motivate), legitimate (formal authority to control resources), expert (special skills/knowledge to guide), and referent (identification with someone). The positive aspects of group PIAs are a chance to make people listen, change, and control, while the cons are the inability to stop and the necessity to choose between something. Ordinary employees may not need to gain power and influence, and leaders should use it prudently to make sure this PIA meets its purposes. My low abilities results help me recognize what I should do to become a better leader with time.

Organizational PIAs focus on identifying and choosing abilities for high-quality performance. Change management is one of such factors to make things differently and promote continuous transformations in human resources, structures, or technology. Being fairly implemented, the change allows for minimizing negative impacts and reducing the number of unnecessary people and steps. Although its benefits like profitability, employee satisfaction, and development are vital, its shortages like resistance, unpredictable losses, and inequality contribute to organizational behavioral concerns. In my case, I am good at accepting and understanding change, and this PIA meets its objectives and proves me as an appropriate worker for this constantly changing environment.

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