Holland’s Matching Theory and I/O Psychologist

In order to describe the utilization of Holland’s Matching Theory by industrial-organizational psychologists, it is essential to provide a clear definition. The Matching Theory by John Holland is also called a Theory of Career Choice, and it postulates that individuals choose their occupations based on their own type of personality. The theory states that people want to work in an environment which can reflect their preferences and skills, as well as values. Additionally, it is important to give a definition to the term industrial-organizational psychologist. The industrial-organizational psychologist is a professional who specializes in studying the behavior of people in the workplace.An organizational psychologist who employs Holland’s theory in their work Holland’s theory, first of all, attempts to correctly determine the personality type of their client. Holland described six basic types of people, namely, realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Each of these types has its own occupational preferences, which translate into particular jobs. Thus, an organizational psychologist can ask their client to undergo Vocational Preference Inventory or Self-Directed Search, two tests which rely on Holland’s personality types.In order to demonstrate how Holland’s theory is used by I/O psychologists, an example can be provided. For instance, after a client takes the Vocational Preference Inventory test, a psychologist can discover that the results show that the person’s main values and interests belong to the artistic realm. The psychologist will then notify the client about their finding and will ask them about their art preferences. The client may be interested in music more than in writing and using words to express themselves. If the client says they prefer music, the psychologist will supply them with a list of appropriate professions such as a composer and options for different degrees.

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