“Great Pacific Garbage Patch” Articles and Video Summary

One of the most severe and hazardous environmental issues of the modern world is plastic pollution. Over the past fifteen years, people have doubled the production and use of plastic as it is one of the cheapest materials. However, not everyone is ready to face the consequences and try to be more aware of the future dangers of plastic. The authors of the articles and the video are concerned with plastic pollution and discuss this problem with the example of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

In their research papers, Evers and Parker provide a short but clear overview of the reasons that have led to the appearance of the Garbage Patch – a massive collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. Using simple language understandable for schoolers, the authors explain the seriousness of the issue and try to prove the necessity of eliminating or limiting the use of plastics and trying to clean the ocean.

In their video, The Ocean Cleanup group tells in detail about the method of researching this Garbage Patch and the difficulties with its elimination. All the authors emphasize that it is not the task of one particular country but a global mission of all nations, and I could not agree more. Indeed, it is our children who will be living in the world after us. People need to clear the ocean for the sake of animals, themselves, and future generations and the least we can do is recycle and use fewer plastics. I suppose that if humans can clearly see that consequences are likely to appear in several years and know the certain ways of helping, they will become more aware and careful. Therefore, it may be good to include statistics, forecasts, and steps to start helping now in this topic’s discussion.

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