Vestibular Senses and Body’s Position & Movement

The sense of audition supports the ability of the body to monitor the movement and position. This system works together with the vestibular system responsible for the detection of angular and linear deceleration and acceleration. The audition sensor system makes use of special cells in the inner side of the ear for sensing. The obtained information is then transmitted into the brain, where they are interpreted to support the monitoring of the position in both time and space.

The vestibular senses are influenced by gravity and help explain the speed that a given organism experiences. The inertia determination by the receptive cells plays a role in the evaluation of the speed. The gravity recognition is supported by movements that the head experiences depending on its position. This explains the similarities experienced to the perception of hearing. A vestibular labyrinth is created by organs in the ears, and each takes a different response to the senses. The utricle and saccule tend to react to change in acceleration, where they concentrate on gravity. This sense is created by crystals found inside an organism since they tend to respond based on the sense of gravity, enabling the understanding of the position in space.

The sudden dizziness realized during a resting position for an extended period is one example of a vestibular concept. When excited, the organism immediately becomes alert, explaining the role of the sense of audition system. These senses are also excited in case the head of the sleeping organism attains a horizontal position. The organism gets up in an attempt to take a vertical position depending on the position of gravity. Acquiring the right position encourages the organism to start feeling sleepy again.

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