Perceptual Constancy: Sensations and Perceptions

Perceptual constancy facilitates the recognition of an object and helps see it as unchanging in terms of color, brightness, shape, and size, including when the retinal and illumination images are altered. Color constancy explains the perception of familiar objects as containing consistent color even when changing illumination affects the reflected wavelength. The brain’s interpretation of the reflected light determines the seen color relative to the surrounding objects. This implies that brightness constancy facilitates the perception of objects as showing constant brightness, including when changes in the illumination happen.

The process of perception is marked with a major problem since it is sometimes impossible to perceive the same object in the same way. Changing sensations does not hinder organisms from perceiving an object the same way all the time in the perceptual constancy process. This explains that changes in the stimuli color and form are perceived in the same way by the brain. The concept presents an understanding that the object remains the same regardless of the changing sensation.

The illusion concept usually occurs upon the trickling of the perceptive process as well as the application of a given aspect when the environment is manipulated. This influences the organism to gain a false perception and understand an object in the wrong way. The moon illusion explains how an organism considers the moon as a bigger object when positioned close to the horizon since varying monocular depth cues produce it. The concept generates a different perspective in aerial position and creates a perception that objects in the sky are smaller than those in the linear. Distortion noted in the Ames room optical illusion is based on the perceptual consistency concept where smaller or bigger illusions are created. The perception consistency explains that the brain tends to consider such images as regular depending on the illusion of the Ames Room.

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