Sensory Restriction and Restored Vision

Research on restored vision and sensory restriction presents the ability of an organism to focus on other perception levels and bring out an organization of previously learned perceptions. This includes the ability to guide in executing perceptual interpretations. Organisms have the perceptual ability since their inception, and any sensory deprivation, especially at an early age, can contribute to severe developmental consequences.

In an organism that is born blind, where vision is recovered later, the ability to recognize objects, forms, shapes, or colors is almost non-existent. This is an indication that if the sensory restriction process is executed during early developmental stages, the brain cannot properly develop the perception process. During this developmental stage, if the organism lacks stimulation, there is a diminished development of neural receptors in the brain.

This explanation brings out an illustration of feral children who, during the development of word recognition, the missing period diminishes the perceptive process of early visual learning. The missing period is important for children in understanding and learning words. The overall effect is an abnormal development of the brain that involves a lack of stimulation, especially in visual perception. It becomes very difficult for the affected child to learn a language since the whole perception process is lost due to the missed stage of development. In normal development, these stages occur in phases, and when one is missed, there is always a lost perception process.

It is also crucial to note that organism losses its ability to perceive the environment visually after the normal development of the neural capabilities of the brain. The ability of an organism to adapt to the new perceptive rules may be easier accustomed to the environment or have issues in adapting to the same altogether.

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