Underpopulation as a Major Problem in Certain US States

The article “Empty House on the Prairie” is dedicated to the move to the Midwest before the ice breaks, making the family build the new house and totally change their life.

“The tiny towns in the Great Plains and upper Midwest don’s want to die. They are trying to keep their young people from departing, to beckon home those who have left, and – more and more – to think of ways to entice outsiders to come and build and stay.”

The central idea is dedicated to the isolation and migration of the population; it is difficult to support the idea disclosed by the author. I can’t entirely agree with the statement that people living in the USA and having settled a long time before are not ready to change their life and that is the principal reason for not leaving the state.

“The United States is no longer quite so young a country; we’ve been here a while, and nations, like people, get set in their ways.”

The underpopulation problem appeared to have a significant role in the current demographic situation. It is necessary to underline the fact that there is a need to increase the population of the American nation by at least six times, encouraging large families. There is a tendency to believe that the planet is overpopulated, though this fact is rather questionable; It should be stressed that there is a solar system of resources being untapped.

The problem of underpopulation can be solved; the method for its solution is to be concentrated on the polygamy legalizing within the United States. This should be related not only to marriage partners’ small groups but too large groups either. It means that large marriage groups are able to raise a number of children. In accordance with New Testament Instruction, the leaders of the church are to be monogamous; nevertheless, the large families are to be welcome, especially in case of their desire to bring up a lot of children, making the American population wealthier. Ethnical and national unities can be considered not only the way to underpopulation problem solution but to the intercultural conflict and misunderstanding dissolve. The American nation is a unique society; nevertheless, its unity with talented and skilled Asians or clever Chinese people can become a strong method in national increase and cultural welfare. It is necessary to underline the idea that underpopulation is predominantly the problem of Third World countries; nevertheless, the United States have a number of untouched resources for the development and enlargement of the national power. So, ethnic legalization and families’ enlargement can be the powerful way out of the faced problem.

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