Pain Perception: Cognitive and Experiential Aspects

For the human body to perceive pain, the ability to inform the organism that a dangerous situation is about to develop is involved. The theory of gain control, also known as the theory for pain involves two sets of nervous systems that inform the brain about the occurring pain to shut it or let it continue. Pain perception is important in determining its level as felt by the organism. This proves that an organism that does not engage in various activities has less pain perception.

In identifying the perception of pain, the application of an experimental setting relies on the use of placebos that create perceptive responses when controlling it. The placebo effect releases neuropeptides such as opioids at neural levels, and the brain modulation actively transmits pain signals as well as the formation of expectancies. This involves actively shutting down the nerves that carry pain to the brain, a mechanism indicating that the organism can control pain perception. Placebos are effective in pain management, and their use has helped a lot in managing patients with chronic pains. On the other hand, Gate Control theory is involved in activating the nerves that do not transmit pain signals.

Regulating the nervous system into pain perception may either involve drug administration to create a dependence status for the organism not to feel pain or promote its ability to control the pain. It is notable that many organisms have the capability of enduring pain, and depending on their environment, they have a possibility of shutting down pain perception. The brain’s grey matter is very important as far as pain reduction is involved. It is a region in the brain that actively controls muscle movement, sensory perception, and self-control. It also stimulates the pained area with analgesics by closing the perception of pain.

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