Basic Civil Liberties Within First Ten Amendments

Civil liberties guaranteed by the first ten Amendments make Americans the freest people in the world. In the First Amendment, the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition means that each person can express their own opinion without fear of aggression. The government can limit this right by forbidding people to speak about the importance of all people’s lives. Moreover, according to the Fourth Amendment, people are secure in their persons, properties, papers, and effects. It means that nobody can infringe on one’s right to live somewhere, write something, to be the person they want. Unfortunately, this right is curtailed when people loot shops, and ordinary people suffer from their impunity.

The Fifth is related to criminal deals. According to it, nobody can be held to answer for capital without charges brought by the jury. This right cannot be curtailed in any case, even if the accused’s guilt is obvious, because any guilt has to be proven. As stated in Sixth Amendment, the accused have a right to a public trial. This means that the government protects each person in its country, and such a rule cannot be limited. Moreover, in the Eighth Amendment, it is claimed that prisoners have constitutional rights.

For instance, they have a right to administrative appeals and write access to the parole process. This means that prisoners can be sure that all actions towards them are based on the law. However, these rights are not followed when we are talking about black and white prisoners when black prisoners get less severe punishment than white people.

The Ninth Amendment guarantees other rights for people living in the United States of America. This means that inhabitants have other rights apart from those described in the Constitution. For example, students have a right to study wherever they want and choose any major. This right can be limited during the war when people have to focus on fighting with the enemy.

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