The Pros and Cons of a Jury Trial

A jury trial is a situation where a schedule officially permitted by law activity is undertaken in which it entails the creation of decisions and ideas by the jury which are later put into practice by the judges. Individuals from countries that have been trying very hard to implement the new judicial system of jury trial have found it to be the best approach to criminal justice even though it also has some constraints. This paper will focus on the pros and cons of jury trial and why a defendant may prefer this system.

It is anticipated that since the jurors are less learned, most of the decisions that will be made by them will be influenced by the judges. The judges tend to develop and thus exert a lot of force and pressure to the jury until they succeed in their influence to the decisions made by the jury. The decisions of the judges are usually influenced by external pressure. Some other multifaceted scams usually require individuals who are learned to Ph.D. level for them to be solved.

A jury trial has however been revealed to be the best method of the judicial system especially in some other complicated cases where there is a need to prove whether individuals are guilty or innocent. Judges are considered to be people who are, to the highest degree, involved in activities of corruption. They have therefore been deemed unable to make wise decisions. The jurors often act as representatives for the whole community.

The strong choice of a defendant in preference to the jury trial system as compared to any other is based on the principle that whenever the case gets tougher, the more lenient the jury will tend to get towards the defendant. Juries in most cases permit sentiments to have authority over their judgment. Based on the defendant’s claim even in the absence of adequate verification to back up the claim, the jury might still verify the defendant is not culpable. If he is not commiserated then a bench trial may be sought in the defendant’s favor.

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