A Model Sexual Harassment Policy

The outline of the policy encompasses different sections that address approaches to regulation and implementation tactics. It is important for organizations to develop the framework to attain the core objective of eradicating sexual harassment in the respective working environment. The various components include purpose, scope, elements, the company’s rules, the process of reporting, inadvertent harassment, disciplinary action, human resource duties and responsibilities, and helping the victims through rehabilitative mechanisms.

The dynamic variables constitute the model sexual harassment policy, and each constituent is essential to the fight against discriminatory activities based on gender differences and personal interests. The outline is as follows:

  • Purpose
    The main purpose of the sexual harassment policy enshrines protecting the employees in an organization, either male or female, from unwanted sexual advances.
  • Scope
    The mainframe achieves its objective through the integral interpretation of the keywords while addressing all employees in an enterprise that is an eventual scoping mechanism.
  • Element and Company rules
    This encompasses the ethical and behavioral approaches that promote harmonious living and workplace productivity.
  • Process of Reporting
    Apart from the definition of the actions that justify discrimination, the framework illustrates the procedures to follow in reporting the case to ensure the effective and practical undertaking of the disciplinary measures. The approaches for an employee to choose from include dispensing the information to the police for legal proceedings, while the other aspect involves the use of the management to solve the issue. In this case, the workers utilize evidence to justify the claims against another party.
  • Disciplinary Action
    The outline further establishes the integral value of disciplinary measures to bullies. Fighting a toxic workplace involves the participation of all stakeholders, that is, the human resource management team, to boost the welfare of the personnel.
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