The World Health Organization’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Under the United Nations framework, the World Health Organization is the directing and organizing authority for health.

It is in charge of setting the global health research agenda, establishing norms and criteria, articulating evidence-based policy alternatives, providing technical assistance to countries, and tracking and evaluating health patterns.

The Strengths of the World Health Organization

  • Special Experienced Expertise
    WHO has scientists in various fields who can identify emerging health threats. They specialize in tracking, collecting, and analyzing public health data that is critical for containing epidemics.
  • Setting Standards and Regulations
    WHO’s vast experience and global perspective make it possible for it to set rules and regulations to standardize medical approaches and terminologies.
  • Technological Advantage
    WHO has many of the most improved technological tools used in its research works and laboratories, keeping them one step ahead of its competitors in the private sector.
  • Cost Advantages
    The United States of America is the largest donor to the organization. WHO gets most of its help from the United States government hence its financial stability. The stability allows them to flex their financial muscles over their competitors such as Bethesda Inc, Covenant Health Systems, Alliance for Health Reform, and Trusted-Tablets.

The Weaknesses of the World Health Organization

  • Staff Management
    WHO is a multinational organization with branches in every country, which means it employs a large number of people. Communicating effectively in such a large community because workers have different personalities increases the likelihood of miscommunication.
  • Poor Communication
    Poor communication from top management to employees, and vice versa, can create intolerable working conditions for an organization. Employees can choose to leave, spreading how difficult it is to work for the company, undermining the worldwide prestige of organizations.
  • Political Instability
    The World Health Organization exists in many geographical areas on the planet. Any political unrest in those areas could result in the loss of infrastructure and other important resources that belong to the organization.
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