Quality Nursing Care and Its Measurable Indicators

Although quality nursing care has various definitions, knowledge of the concept is essential for a nurse to provide effective and safe treatment and help. “Quality nursing care is a multidimensional concept,” and defining it is a significant step in a nurse’s learning process. Quality nursing care is the provision of high-quality health care services, including treatment, support, supervision, and education by a competent nursing specialist through the efficient application of well-developed nursing professional attributes and the appropriate use of organizational mechanisms of a medical facility and health institution. The delivery process of quality nursing care and the services themselves align with conventional national and international health standards. Attributes include theoretical and practical knowledge, “communication skills, empathy, flexibility,” and development potential. These are measurable indicators by which the level of quality of nursing care can be assessed.

Empathy and knowledge of the proper application of medical practices are crucial for patient safety. Deficiency in skills and lack of empathy can lead to “accidental injury.” Other possible negative consequences include the unsafe use of medicines, which is a violation of ethical and professional standards. Moreover, without these two characteristics and development potential, a nurse of any category cannot provide evidence-based health services and develop new ones effectively. Empathy is also an essential and integral part of patient-centeredness. The flexibility of healthcare providers leads to timeliness in a healthcare setting. Knowledge, proper utilization of skills, well-developed communication, and flexibility also contribute to the efficient utilization and allocation of financial and material resources. Every healthcare professional’s ethical duty is to advocate for equity in healthcare, and qualities such as empathy and communication skills help them achieve this.

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