How Botulinum Toxin Affect Communication Between Neurons

When considering how botox affects communication between neurons, it should be essential to remember that there are four different sites in the human body that can be influenced by it. These include postganglionic parasympathetic nerve endings, neuromuscular junction, postganglionic sympathetic nerve endings, and autonomic ganglia. The process of binding between the heavy chain of the toxin and affinity receptors is rather selective yet irreversible. The toxin-receptor complex is transferred to the cell via the interface of endocytosis.

In order to disrupt visual processing with botox, it would be essential to affect the occipital lobe. Neural damage to this area of the brain would result in complete or partial blindness. Visual agnosia might also become a possible outcome after the introduction of botox into the occipital lobe, depending on the severity of side effects achieved with the injection. Most of the primary damages to one’s vision would begin with chromatic and spatial issues caused by the retina incorrectly reading the light falling on the photoreceptors.

Ultimately, botox injections could significantly affect the nervous system, given that they are set up to target certain parts of it. It is known that dermal atrophy contributes to the development of wrinkles, where repetitive muscle contraction deepens the existing wrinkles. According to Park and Ahn, botox is utilized for cosmetic purposes because it represents an inhibitor on the basis of a potent neurotoxin that affects neuromuscular junctions with the help of preventing acetylcholine from being released by given facial muscles. Therefore, wrinkles are reduced because botox causes localized muscle relaxation and smooths out facial skin.

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