Shell Oman’s Innovation in International Context

Finding solutions to sustainable development challenges and corporate principles is a unique method for the Shell brand’s evolution. The company is successfully pursuing this objective by developing unique scenarios for the development of clean energy systems. Being one of the first corporations that create and implement new technologies, Shell Oman actively manages innovative projects to solve critical energy problems, including new types of fuels and oils that improve vehicles’ energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

With regard to innovations, significant funds are mainly invested in researching new energy products and technologies. These involve biofuels, liquefied natural gas, hydrogen fuels, and solar energy. An example is Shell’s first solar project in the Middle East. The positive outcomes are the effect on a northern Oman smelting company and diminishing its carbon emissions. Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome (ATIFC) and its 25-megawatt solar power plant expect to reduce annual figures of pollution by 25%, boosting economic return. As carbon emissions were less by a quarter, the company would stimulate yearly production without additional energy resources funds.

Moreover, despite the implementation innovations in practice, there is a program called GameChanger. The program strives to provide financial and technical support for developers with innovative ideas. It also offers the laboratory and other facilities to demonstrate their concepts, assessing technical and commercial potential. As the GameChanger program has engaged more than 1,700 researchers worldwide, it has become the opportunity to implement over a hundred ideas in use. Overall, such an approach enables the company to manage innovation in an international context.

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