The Apple Company’s Five “Ps” of Marketing

The selected brand for applying the Five P’s is Apple, and its offers are efficiently promoted as per marketing principles. Thus, the products are related to information technology, and their wide range is one of the business’ competitive advantages. Their pricing strategies are developed for meeting critical customer demands and vary from premium, which includes essential features, to freemium, which implies additional purchases. In turn, the choice of places is made by opening accessible physical stores, investing in distribution centers, and offering online purchasing. This aspect is accompanied by promotion, which is represented by effective advertising via multiple communication channels. Thus, the operations of Apple seem to be well-thought and in compliance with people’s needs, and this conclusion is conditional upon its difference from others.

This brand’s competitor is Samsung, and their comparison shows why the former is more successful. First, Samsung’s product range is extensive; however, they are primarily oriented toward improving the existing offers, whereas Apple develops new solutions. Second, Samsung’s approach to pricing is connected to essential features of devices, but it is less flexible due to the dependence on other companies’ policies. Third, the selection of places is performed in cooperation with retailers, whereas Apple’s distribution channels are more complex. Fourth, the promotion is made via various sources, but it is not stronger than in the case of Apple. Fifth, the points of difference include the focus on reliability and loyalty of customers, whereas Apple’s flexibility is more productive. Therefore, Apple’s operations are more efficient than those of Samsung since the latter lacks innovation.

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