Schedules of Qualities: The Implications of the Use

Effective planning is generally recognized as an essential tool for project implementation. The schedule allows for estimating and allocating the necessary time and funds and thus avoids excessive revenues and complies with the project plan. In particular, schedules of qualities are helpful in two critical areas – communication and coordination. In the first case, the schedule affects decision-making by emphasizing the main issues and the time for them. In the second case, the schedule helps allocate all necessary elements and resources working and interconnected in the project in an appropriate sequence.

However, the schedules of qualities must be technically appropriate and understandable for the project team to be helpful. Suppose the schedule does not fully and accurately represent the project. Then, it will not be a suitable basis for analyzing or measuring the technical work performed and can lead to unreliable completion dates, requests for time extensions, and delays. Thus, for a contractor, schedules of qualities are a vital tool for assessing their performance.

Since the schedule of qualities is used for coordination, missing elements will hinder coordination efforts, increasing the likelihood of disruption. Therefore, the owners need to outline all the critical points to prevent, first of all, themselves from delays and get quality work. If the schedule is not sufficiently planned, there will be missed opportunities for process improvement (for example, identifying redundant actions), what-if analysis, and risk mitigation. This aspect is critical from the perspective of a designer who plans the shape, appearance, or work of something before it is done or built.

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